Tired of “Fishing” for the Information You Need?

It takes time to find the information you need!

There is tons of information out there. According to Google, the Web has already exceeded 1 trillion unique web pages (it’s estimated they index about 15 billion of those pages for search purposes). There are millions more pages created daily.

And many of those pages contain credible source information you can use to enhance your writing.

Though if you want to focus your efforts on where you provide the most value (which is a proven way to earn more as a writer), you don’t have time to sift and sort through billions of web pages to find just the right proof, credibility, references and other information to include in what you write.

That’s where I come in.

The problem I described above is not new.  Writers have faced it for years.  Though now you have a good solution to the problem.  And that’s to hire me to do the research for you.

What I do is specialize in helping you dig up information — proof, credibility, quotes, ideas, and more — you can use in your writing projects.

Further, I specialize in helping copywriters and others who need a high level of believability in their writing to find just the right resources to back up your ideas and claims so you’ll have maximum persuasive power.

Not only do I know where to find good information on the internet — I know why you need it.  So I can pick out just the right resources for you to use.

That way, instead of you eating up precious writing time as you dig through thousands upon thousands of pages of mostly irrelevant content, you get just the cream of the crop research targeted to your specific needs.  So as you write, all you have to do is pull a statistic here, an idea there, a quote over there, and a piece of evidence here and you have well-backed writing that moves and persuades.

By bringing me in to help with research, you free up what previously took 25% or more of your writing time.  This is like new time in your day that you can then use to work on other projects, and earn more by doing so.  (Or this gives you extra time off to enjoy yourself, or spend with your family.)  All while improving the strength of your writing.

Donna Wylie



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